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Spartan Garage Door Repair

Top garage door repair services in Pittsburgh greater area

We Install and Repair Garage Doors in the Pittsburgh, PA Greater Area.
Repair/Replace: Broken Springs, Garage Door Openers, Rollers, and Installation of New Garage Doors, Including Custom Designs. Senior Citizen, Law Enforcement and Military discounts available! 24/7 Service with Warrantied Parts/Labor

Garage Door Repairs

We offer same-day garage door repair and emergency services!

Garage Door Openers

This service is the repair of the opener itself. Includes the lift mechanism that pulls the door up and guides it down.

Custom Garage Doors

These options are unique and are meant to match your home’s design. These come in many styles from the wood choices to the glass and material options.

Broken Spring Replacement

This is a service that should be handled by a professional. Very dangerous repair unless you have experience with springs.

Garage Door Off Track

Rollers sometimes come out of the guide tracks and we realign these rollers. The garage door is at risk of collapsing or falling down.

Snapped Cable Replacement

Snapped Cable Replacement

We know cable snap can be pretty annoying and dangerous, so we give you an agile solution.

"Amazing! Called and within hours David was able to look at my garage door and fix it on the spot! Great customer service! David explained what exactly needed to be done and why"
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Vanessa Griego

Spartan Garage Doors Repair Services

Get to know us:

In this time and day, everyone owns and drives an Automobile. Homeowners
and automobile owners are bound to have a garage or a carport. It will be
either a part of the house or a separate stand-in structure. The proper
functioning of the garage is important for the safety of your automobile. For
various reasons, these doors and components may malfunction and may need
your attention. We are here to address all your garage door issues.
About us
We are a small-scale company based in Pittsburgh, providing garage door
repair services. We are a focused group of individuals offering fast and
dedicated door repair service solutions to customers in a few selected locations
in the USA. As a small business, we focus on customer satisfaction and
retention. We are honest, straightforward, and, most importantly, punctual.
We know that garage problems can be expensive, and we offer a variety of
affordable choices to make you comfortable. We identify and analyze your
problem, thereby give you the best possible solution.
Our Services
We offer a wide range of services starting from repair/replacing of doors to
making custom garage doors. We offer same-day garage door repair. We try
not to replace it unless it is necessary. 
We offer spring repairs and replacements. It is a very dangerous repair and
should be handled by a professional. We can handle all kinds of springs,
including ones as old as from the 80’s. We tackle all kinds of extension and
torsion springs. Safety and caution take precedence in such matters. Let us
handle it!

We offer Garage door openers service. Sometimes, the garage opener is at
fault, and we take care of the spring-pulley mechanism. It is a common
malfunction in the older garage doors.
Often the rollers on the garage door derail from the guide tracks. We realign
garage rollers preventing the garage door from collapsing or falling off. We
offer a wide variety of choices to choose from to reinstate new rollers. We sell
new rollers as per your requirement and price comfort.
Finally, we offer you a custom garage door, with materials like wood and
glass of your choice, making sure it matches both your house in the
background and your pocket.

Our Serviceability
We offer an extensive range of services with a high level of serviceability. We
offer fast and efficient services. We are available on weekdays from 8:00 am to
8:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, we work from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our
customer care number is 24/7 on and running. We reach you within hours of
your contact and try resolving it immediately. Though we have specified
working hours, we are always motivated and ready to move in for your
urgency. We offer discounts for Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement, and the
Military. All our parts have a warranty. Not only our parts, but our
service/labor also has a warranty, demonstrating to you our serviceability.

Our Customer Reviews
We thrive when our customers thrive. Here are a few of them.
“They were on time and did an excellent job.”
“I called them at 3 pm, and they came at 7. The job was done.”
These are the things that fuel us into providing better and better services.
These are our true medals.