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Building a garage is one of the most trending home improvements and a valuable investment that can benefit you conveniently. It will undoubtedly increase your property’s value and is an ideal way to create space for your activities. It can also serve as extra storage. The utilities a garage can provide are worth its cost. We, as Spartan Garage Doors and Services, offers you three categories to choose from to build your garage. Building a garage is not an easy task. We help you decide your best garage, depending upon the space available and the layout of your house. We build both stand-in and attached garages. We are garage professionals, so let us handle it.

This Garage builder product is one of our complete garage construction products. From traditional to fanciful, we offer all the available options to our customers. With this product, we offer to build your garage, according to your feasibility and plan. We take care of all the building activities. Our systematic ways ensure us to give you a garage you imagined inside your mind. 

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Excavation and backfill:

We excavate the plan’s layout area if required to fill it with gravel and dirt to level it up completely. It serves as the base of the structure. We check the leveling twice before laying the foundation. We lay the foundation using concrete. It serves as a stable base for the entire structure. We know we can’t afford to damage your floor and try our best not to damage it before completing the building. We know how costly reflooring can be, and we try to reduce your expenditure. The flooring is made of concrete and common for all the garages, but as you move towards framing, you get to choose from many options.


Framing is the process of raising of sidewalls. The walls can be of Brick and stone. It is durable and strong. It is rather expensive. Brick framing is the oldest and most solid option. We construct brick walls as high as mentioned in the plan. It is difficult and tricky because you should leave spaces for windows and other things, making the most reliable garage. We offer Vinyl siding is the newer variety. It costs less and is simple to handle. Vinyl siding has a very high life expectancy and great fire resistance. It is a common anti-weathering agent in construction. We offer wooden planks and pressurized wooden plates for framing. These are moderately expensive and are very common in this day and time.


For the roof beams and truss, we use wood or concrete according to the user’s discretion. We offer plywood, OSB, and wood for the roof. The positioning of the truss needs manpower. We, as experienced professionals, use advanced methods to address the issue. Our roofs are durable and leak proof.

The Door:

As door professionals, we provide you the state of art doors and door mechanisms. We offer custom door designs and materials to ensure your garage appears pleasant and seamless compared to your home. Our garages, just like any other services and products, come with a minimum warranty. Build Your dream garage with us!

This product doesn’t include the procurement of raw materials, permissions, planning, and surveying. This product doesn’t include mechanical operations such as HVAC, plumbing, venting, etc.

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