Snapped Cable Replacement

When your garage cable breaks, it leads to a malfunction of the door. In some cases, the door may even fall off the tracks because of the cable failure. The falling off of the door can cause severe damage to your property and is a risk to your family. The cable replacement or repair is a dangerous job. It is not a one-person job. Attempting to do it yourself may backfire, causing additional problems in the garage door system, and you can get hurt if you are not careful. Caution and planning take precedence in addressing a garage door cable issue. With our expertise in garage doors, we can ensure your valuable belongings’ safety and curb the possibility of new problems in the system. The snapped cable can hurt your garage door system if delayed, so contact us as soon as possible.

frayed garage door cable


Identifying the cable snap in the early stages is a pocket saver. The about to break cable makes squeaky noises while you try to open the door. It may not be a sure sign, and it is advisable to contact us for a check during this stage itself. The door gets heavier to lift while the cable gets weaker. It is now evident that the cable is ready to snap. If the cable has already snapped, opening the door becomes a herculean task. The door will not rise properly. Contact us if you find yourself associated with any of the above issues. A snapped cable door is dangerous and let us handle it!


A garage door cable is present on each side of the door. It helps in rising and shutting the door. These cables are attached to the torsion spring and the bottom of the door. Such cables are called lifting cables and are the ones who snap. The second type is retaining cables. They are present inside the extension springs preventing them from hitting anybody in case of a failure. These two types of cables are essential for the proper functioning and safety of your garage door. We encounter the snapping of lifting cable almost all the time. The retaining cables are not generally prone to breakage.


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Wear and tear is the primary reason for the failure of these cables. Water, moisture, and cold climates tend to break these cables over repeated exposure. The breaking point of the cable determines the risk factor involved in this failure. Problems with other parts may also tend to reflect on the cables rendering them snapped. You can avoid this by oiling and proper maintenance.

If your garage door is stuck, do not try closing it completely before our servicemen arrive at your location. Don’t try and tinker with the door alone. That can put yourself at mortal peril. We analyze the state of the cable, and we try not to replace it otherwise. We replace the cable by determining the cause of the snap. If the cable is snapped because of other components, we offer you a replacement for that component as well. Our servicemen are knowledgeable and trustworthy. We always try to provide you an accurate service. We know cable snap can be pretty annoying and dangerous, so we give you an agile solution.