Garage Door Roller Replacement

If you have realized that your garage door roller replacement, there is no need to worry. There may be different garage doors available on the market today, but they all use some standard parts such as springs and rollers. Fixing or replacing them can be a quick and straightforward task with the help of our skilled technician at Spartan Garage Doors.

How do you know if your garage door has worn out? If it does not close appropriately because one side drags on the floor or sticks halfway up when opening, it needs fixing or replacing. It’s also important to note that older models will wear out quicker than newer ones due to unique design features that make them last longer!

garage door roller replacement

Types Of Garage Door Rollers

Before investigating the cause of why are garage door rollers problematic, you should know the types of rollers your garage door skates through.

  • Plastic Rollers: it is made out of plastic and does not have any ball bearings.
  • Nylon Rollers: These rollers have a ball bearing system within the wheel itself, just like skateboard wheels.
  • Steel Rollers: it is the most durable among all the rollers and comes with and without ball bearings.
Plastic Roller
Nylon Roller
garage door steel roller
Steel Roller
Broken roller

Cause Of Damage to The Rollers

Rollers can get damaged due to various reasons.

  • Material– Nylon and plastic rollers are not that sturdy and are more prone to wear and tear than any other type of rollers. The rollers can get damaged for many reasons. Some of the causes are:
  • Miscalculation – The weight of the door should always match the rating of the rollers. Choosing a relatively soft roller for a reasonably heavy garage door can cause the roller to erode faster.
  • Crooked hinges – a faulty hinge can cause the rollers to get damaged more quickly.
  • Lack of lubrication – lack of lubricants on the rollers can result in rust build-up, which ultimately weakens the rollers.
  •  Tracks Have Come Off the Wall – if the tracks are not properly attached to the wall, or perhaps it has come off the wall due to lack of maintenance, the rollers will go off track.
  • Dirty Tracks- excess grease or lubricant piled up on top of the track may cause the rollers to get derailed.
  • Dented Tack – a dented track may also cause the rollers to get derailed.

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage door rollers are a crucial part of your garage. They help to smoothly open and close the doors, but they can pose severe problems for you if they get damaged. Not only does this damage ruin the track system on which both your roller tracks run in place; sometimes these damages even cause accidents that could have been avoided had there not been an issue with those rollers at all! So if anything seems wrong with them or appears to be broken down—no matter how small–it’s important that you take care of it right away before things escalate into something more than just minor repairs. This is where Spartan Garage Door Repair Services comes into play. At Spartan Garage Door Repair Services, we are experts at solving any issue you may have with your garage doors. Our technicians are skilled at dealing with any issue of a garage door. And when it comes to the door roller repair, they are no different. 

Our garage door repair services are never limited to garage doors. Our technicians are capable of replacing garage door rollers without bending the track. We have our garage spring replacement and garage cable replacement services for you at Spartan Garage Door Repair Services as well.

Different garage doors have different garage door roller tracks. This means that the rollers will also have to be replaced with those of a similar size and shape, that is why it’s important to consult us before paying for them. We would know what sort of garage door rollers you need for your garage, and accordingly, we can provide you with them in as little as 24 hours. This means that no matter how small or big garage door problems are, you can call us, and we will take care of it. So next time you need garage door repair services, don’t forget to keep our number on speed dial! We provide the best garage door service in the least amount of time.

If you need your garage door fixed, Spartan Garage Doors is the best for you!

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Some Tips On How To Take Care Of The Rollers

You must always keep the track clean and lubricated. The ball bearings within roller wheels also need to be lubricated. Wipe off excess lubricant from the rail. The rollers are typically made of a metal alloy and given an electroless nickel or chrome plating. It is necessary to regularly clean off all the dirt, rust, and debris that accumulates on these surfaces. Use a wire brush for cleaning stubborn areas; cover any openings to avoid getting contaminated air into the system.

It is essential that you quickly repair faulty rollers if you have one. Ignoring or putting away these chores may only pile on the stress on other parts of the door, including the roller. In such situations, you need to call the experts Spartan Garage Doors. Our highly skilled technicians at Spartan Garage Doors of Logue Street, Pittsburgh, can provide budget-wise solutions for your garage door roller problem. Call us at (724) 400-0200 to get the best service in town.