Garage Door Spring Replacement

The door spring can be an essential part of your garage door. Garage door spring repair experts, SPARTAN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, know that these springs are designed to help lift heavy Garage doors and keep them from slamming shut. Garage door springs are made up of a coiled steel wire, with an elastic material in the middle. They come in many different lengths, and their strengths depend on what type of garage doors they will use. The typical garage door has two springs; each side helps evenly distribute weight balance for the garage door opening and closing process. However, it also serves another purpose: supporting the door’s pressure as it opens and shuts. 

Once you notice any abnormality in the functioning of your garage door, you should instantly call in the experts, SPARTAN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, as we are the best in the business. Moreover, this is a job for professionals. Garage door springs are fragile, and a damaged spring can be pretty dangerous. So, damaged garage door springs should never be meddled with by any inexperienced individuals. Garage door spring repair experts at SPARTAN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR have the knowledge, skillsets, toolsets to restore your garage door to its original state.

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What Happens When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Garage doors may be strong, but they’re not unbreakable. Many times the damages to the springs go unnoticed. However, here are some clues to understand if your garage door needs any maintenance work.

-Noise From The Garage 

If you suddenly start to hear a loud noise coming out of the garage door, you should not be ignoring it. Maybe it’s time that you took a closer look at the door, which probably has gone too long with put maintenance work.

-The Top Of The Door is Bent

It is also time to pay attention to your garage door when you notice a bent at the top of the door. It is a sign that maybe your spring door is no more functional and does not possess the power to lift the panel of the door anymore, as it used to do before.

-Gap in The Spring

It is a clear sign that your spring is broken when you notice a gap in the spring instead of being in a tightly wounded position.

-The Door Is Curved 

Despite having a single or few broken springs, a door can still open and shut, as it has few more springs to help its cause. However, you may notice a curve or bend as it goes up and down while doing so. This happens as the broken spring is unable to provide enough support and balance it equally.

-The Door Descends Quickly

The garage door usually moves very smoothly unless it has a broken or damaged spring, resulting in its inability to counterweighting against gravity’s pull on the door panels.

–Uncoiled Cables

A broken spring may have many other impacts on the door, such as uncoiling or lose cables. It happens when the spring brakes and loosens the wire in the ceiling.

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The Reasons For The Garage Door Springs Break

Many factors may play their parts individually or in tandem to cause the spring of the door to break. Some of the reasons have been mentioned below:

  • Poor Maintenance: Usually, the garage doors do not require a lot of maintenance, but it is always a good idea to apply some lubricants to protects the springs from rust and corrosion, and moisture.
  • Rust: Like the springs are made of metal, metals are bound to get rusty over time, making their lifespan shorter. So, it is advisable to use some lubricants on them more frequently. 
  • Wear and Tear: Since garage doors are commonly used, making it prone to wear and tear over time.

Torsion Springs Replacement

When the door opens and closes, it moves a heavyweight up and down multiple times. This means that the opener must move this large amount of weight each time which can be problematic overtime as well-meaning that these torsion springs may need replacement after less than a decade if they wear out.

While there isn’t any rule for how long torsion springs will last on garage doors, the average is 7-9 years, depending upon usage frequency(frequency of cycles per day). However, if you have a very heavy door or one that often opens (on an extremely frequent basis), expect to only get 4 years out of your spring set up before they begin to wear down substantially and need replacing. At this point, you can check them yourself by looking for gaps between coils, as this may indicate weakening due to high levels of use over time.

Torsion springs can wear out more quickly if they are too big or small for the garage door. This is why you may notice signs like a heavy feeling and then see that it opens much faster than usual. Replacing them with different-sized springs will usually lead to a longer lifespan when done correctly. Rebalancing the coils sometimes prevents needing replacement; however, this often happens in cold weather due to incorrect installation of new spring sizes during such a time period.

Torsion springs have been known as one of those parts that fail unexpectedly, causing inconvenience while also leading homeowners into spending money on repairs quickly without really thinking about what could be wrong first before simply going all-in buying replacements right away instead. Springs start wearing down over time after continued usage, mainly because there’s still a bit of slack when they’re brand new, and this will decrease as the springs begin to lose their elasticity. Torsion Spring Replacement means measuring your current ones to determine the correct size needed to keep your door balanced and have it operate smoothly with even distribution of weight between all four sides.

When your garage door spring breaks, you have two options: You can replace both springs simultaneously so that they wear down evenly. This helps maintain your family and belongings’ safety, or consult a trained technician to perform this replacement safely.

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