Garage Door Off Track Repair

The less often occurred malfunction and more dangerous is your garage door going off track. Is your garage door off its track? Call us at Spartan Garage Doors to resolve it immediately. We will resolve your garage door problems efficiently. Garage doors go off track for various reasons. When your door squeaks, sticks, and grinds, then you know that your garage door has alignment problems. It is how you identify the alignment issues before it’s too late, and your garage door ceases to function. Off tracking is the main reason for misalignment in your door. It causes your improper functioning in the initial stages and ceases to function in later stages. It may even cause serious damage to your door.

Off Tracking:

Off tracking is prone to the slide up and slides sideways doors. It can also occur in other types of doors. We address the issue and tackle it. We know the importance of door alignment for the safety of our customers and other purposes. The changing seasons and temperatures cause the doors to come off track. The tracks are usually bent, broken, or obstructed, causing the door off the track. Roller and spring malfunctions can also cause your door to come off track. Bending of tracks can occur due to seasonal changes. The changes in temperature cause elongation and contraction of metals. Each metal has its elongation rate, causing bending in the adjacent metals. We inspect the bend, the bend area, and the cause of the bend to determine a feasible solution. We either replace the track or straighten it with force. We offer to insulate it to reduce the chances of reoccurrence. Broken Tracks are rare. If you ignore bent tracks for long periods, they tend to break. We replace them with new tracks. Obstructed tracks are the most common of the garage door off track issues. There may be many reasons for the obstruction of tracks. We remove the obstruction for you. Installation errors also cause off tracking. We adjust the tracks to realign your door if in case of an installation problem. We install doors. Contact us for your installation to avoid the misalignment of your new door.
Insulated VS. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Bad rollers and bad bearings cause the door to come off track. The rollers and bearings wear out with time making them slippery. In such cases, we replace them with new rollers and bearings. We lubricate them if the wear is allowable, and the roller or bearing can still function. These occur in old doors and are easily noticeable in the early stages.

Broken lift cable is on the causes for doors to come off track. It is very rare and commonly occurs in the early eighties and nineties installations. We replace the broken cable and realign the door.

You may hit your garage door resulting in the present failure. The impact may off track a few rollers and bearings. It may even completely break the door railings. The causes are many for the door going off track. We provide you an all-in-one solution for all the kinds of the door off the track. We replace or repair the malfunctioning components. We bring to your knowledge and attention the various reasons why the failure has occurred. We offer lubrication and insulation of your garage door components based upon the kind of failure. Get in touch with us for all kinds of your door off track issues.

Garage Door Off Track Repair

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