Garage Door Panels, Should You Replace Only One?

Garage door panels are the primary way that your garage communicates to people outside of your home. It is essential that they be in good shape and functioning correctly, which means replacing any broken or non-functioning parts as soon as possible. If you have a garage door with broken panels, you may wonder if it is worth replacing only one of them.

Garage door panel replacement is a great way for your original ones if they are not functioning correctly already and also to create a more customized look. However, some homeowners choose only to replace one panel at a time, which can be an expensive process. This article will help guide you through determining whether or not it makes sense to replace only one panel on your garage door.

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What Is the Purpose of Garage Door Panels?

Garage door panels are one of the most critical parts of any garage. They help protect your car from water, dirt, and scratches which can happen when you open or close the doors. The panels will also help with insulation as they keep heat in during cold days and cool air when hot outside. This is an excellent solution if you want to save energy costs on heating and cooling bills year-round! Some people use them for extra security because it’s hard for someone to see through a panel without peeking around it first, but this doesn’t come standard on most models, so you would have to buy one separately.

Why Should You Replace Your Garage Door Panels?

Do you have a garage door in Pittsburgh that has only one panel damaged? If so, should it be replaced? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Depending on the reason for the damage and your budget, replacing just one panel could either cost less or more in the long run. In some cases, if multiple panels have different damages, such as rust and cracks, they can all be replaced at once due to their weakened state. However, in other instances where only one panel needs replacement because it’s been damaged by an object like a tree branch or car again, then just one panel can suffice. What do you think? Should we replace just one garage door panel when needed?

If you are looking to replace a garage door panel, it can be tempting to replace one. However, there are many reasons that you should consider replacing all of the panels. Garage door panels are often the first to show signs of wear and tear. In a single panel system, one panel is replaced while the other remains in place. This causes an imbalance that may cause future problems or injury. Replacing both panels will restore balance and create a safer garage door system for your home. Also, the cost is cheaper and will provide a more uniform appearance when done in a group. There are also safety reasons for replacing the whole set as opposed to just one part of them.

Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Panels

  • Your garage door panels are losing their original color.


  • For added security for your home or business.


  • You have had a few poorly installed panels replaced in the past and want to do it right this time around!


  • The old material is now brittle, cracked, or warped, which could lead to other problems such as water leakage.


  • The panel can be damaged and not work correctly, or it could have been in a storm, which caused water damage to the panel itself.

Advantages of Replacing Your Panels Instead of Just One

There are many more reasons why replacing all panels at once is better than replacing just one over time.


  • It is a good idea to replace all panels at once, so you don’t have to worry about any of these problems happening in the future.


  • Replace all panels to achieve balance. If you are only replacing one panel, the other will become unbalanced and create a potential safety hazard in your garage.


  • The cost is cheaper and more uniform by replacing all panels at once rather than replacing individual parts as they break down.


  • Replacing panels is less expensive than replacing the whole door.


  • Replacing all panels will help keep your panels from warping or bending. The more you replace, the better chance for preventing this problem.


  • If a panel breaks because of a storm, then it only costs to fix just that one and not everything else in between!


The bottom line is that it’s just safer- and cheaper in the long run- if you replace your garage door panels now.

The Disadvantages of Replacing Only One Garage Panel

Replacing just one panel in your garage door can lead to several different issues. 


  • Replacing just one means you are only covering half of your house with protection.


  • The new panel may not be the same size and shape as the old one, which can cause your garage door to bind or potentially damage it during opening and closing.


  • Replacing only one large section of your garage door will also necessitate more maintenance than if all sections were changed at once because dirt, spiders, birds, etc., would get in between the two adjoining panels much more easily due to their proximity.


  • There will be a gap in the door. This is not aesthetically pleasing to some and may also make it easier for intruders to access your garage through this opening.


  • The end of each panel overlaps with its side frame, so when you replace only one panel, some gaps might accumulate dirt or debris – especially along the bottom edges where leaves can collect; 


  • Missing panels on either side prevent ventilation between frames which leads to more significant potential for mold growth.


  • Many panels also have integrated weatherstripping that helps create a seal between the doors and frames, keeping cold air when closed and preventing drafts from entering through gaps around the door (something you might not be able to tell with just one panel missing).


  • If you only replace one panel, the others will eventually get damaged and need to be replaced too. A homeowner may not notice this until they have a problem with opening or closing their garage door.


  • One loose panel can cause an issue on the other side of the track as well. The fact that each panel works together makes them interdependent in how they work. 


  • If any repairs are needed on other parts of the system like springs, cables, tracks, you could end up paying double for what would have been fixed with just some new panels now.


  • The track will be out of alignment and could cause a problem with your cars in the driveway, and just this alone is worth considering if you have more than one-panel replacement needed! (It’s not too hard to get it aligned but can cost money)


  • Finally, if you do only one panel, it will be very noticeable against the rest and may cause alarm from passersby who notice that something doesn’t look right on your door – due to the difference in color/design, etc.


In conclusion, replacing only one panel may seem like a good idea right now because it’ll save some money. But over time, this decision will end up costing you more than if you had replaced them all from day one! Replace all of your garage door panels for safety and peace of mind today.

A good rule of thumb for replacing your garage door panels is about every ten years if you live in an area with extreme weather changes (i.e., snowing all winter long). If you reside in an area that doesn’t experience much humidity change throughout the year, replace them at least once per decade, but no more often than two times a decade due to cost factors alone!

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