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The Best Garage Door Openers in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is a bustling city with many residents that work in the business district downtown. The average commute time to work is an hour and fifteen minutes, so it’s no wonder that many Pittsburgh area homeowners are opting for garage door openers instead of traditional keyed locks to make their lives easier. Here at Spartan Garage Doors, we have all the information you need about this modern convenience, including what types of systems are available, how they operate, and which features will best suit your needs. 

If you’re looking for some great garage door openers in Pittsburgh, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you want residential or commercial service, we have what you need. With our wide selection of services and products, we can provide whatever your needs may be today. Let us help with your next project or find out more about our business by getting in touch with us.

Garage Door Openers replacement service in Allegheny county PA

Pittsburgh Garage Door Opener Specialists

Garage door openers may seem like just another household appliance, but when you stop to think about how much time they can save each day, it becomes clear that these devices are a must-have for any homeowner. Spartan Garage Doors offers quality service in Pittsburgh, PA, and we carry both residential garage door openers as well as commercial models to meet the needs of every customer.

We also offer a wide variety of services, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance, so that your garage door will always be working perfectly. To learn more about our products or services, please contact us today!

garage door opener replacement in pittsburgh pa Allegheny county

Types of Garage Door Opener we offer:

  • Wireless Garage Door Opener 
  • Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • Belt Driven Garage Doors
  • Jackshaft Opener
  • Direct-Drive Opener
  • Screw Driven Opener
  • DC-Powered Garage Door Openers

These are the types of garage door openers that Spartan Garage Doors offers. The difference between them is how they open and close your garage door. If you’re looking into installing one of these new units, we can do it for you, so contact us today about getting an estimate on what style will best suit you and your family’s needs!

Overhead Door Opener Repairs

Is your garage door opener not working properly? Do you have a broken sensor, jammed gears, or need some general maintenance? If so, then we, at Spartan Garage Door Repair Services, are here to help. We are the leading repair service provider of The Overhead Door™ Brand, one of the top-quality garage door openers in the area.

The Overhead Door™ Brand is a very well-known and respected brand in the garage door industry. For 100 years, they’ve stood for product quality and expertise, and professional service to give homeowners confidence with reliable products & services. The garage door opener of considering Overhead Door® are quiet and powerful automatic openers designed to handle different garages depending on their weight limits or fitment into tight spaces like corners.

If you own the garage door from this company, but it needs some repair work, we at Spartan Garage Door Repair Services have skilled technicians who are well trained in dealing with this brand specifically. Our technicians have plenty of experience dealing with problems that one may encounter with an Overhead Door™ door opener. We deal with various Overhead Door issues, such as opener components, broken springs, and the garage door itself. We understand that these problems can be a hassle for homeowners and are always quick to solve them before they worsen. Here are some common issues with Overhead Door’s garage doors that we take care of:

  • When a photo-eye is blocked by something, the door will not open or close properly. This can cause damage to the cord that runs into it and dirt/dust built upon its lens.
  • A broken torsion spring is a hazardous problem that can cause significant injury and damage. If you find yourself with a broken spring, call Spartans Garage Door Repair Services immediately, as the door will be very heavy without its springs and could fall on anyone in its path.
  • This problem usually occurs in conjunction with the broken torsion spring discussed above. Snapped cables are dangerous because they fly off at a high rate of speed, just like when springs snap and go flying across your garage floor. This is not something to try yourself; call professionals like Spartan Garage Door Repair Services for help instead!
  • It’s easy to tell if there is an issue with your garage door track. If the noise coming from the door changes or stops when it reaches a certain point, then you might have some obstruction in that area (perhaps something fell into place). Additionally, a slow movement where your machine should be able to glide smoothly means you probably need repair as well. If your track has become dented or curved, fixing it is easy. But for expert help, call in the Spartan Garage Door Repair Services!

If you need your garage door fixed, Spartan Garage Doors is the best for you!

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