How we’re keeping our clients and team safe from COVID-19

Recent Update: Our entire staff are now vaccinated.

We are pleased to announce that Spartan Garage Doors is considered an essential business so you should expect no interruption of your services. Garage Door companies provide a necessary service for essential businesses and life sustaining businesses including emergency services. People rely on their access systems as the primary entrance of their home. Fire Departments, Police Departments and other municipalities rely on their garage door operating properly so that they can get to the people in need. Spartan Garage Doors will continue to maintain and replace your access systems providing sufficient security and safe, reliable operation. In addition to the CDC guidelines already in place, a Zero Contact protocol has been added to fit our industry. While at a Customer’s Home Technicians are instructed to:
1. Wear masks.
2. Maintain a 6 foot distance from customers.
3. Not to stay inside a Customer’s Home for more than the necessary need to pass through to the garage; all consultation and transactions will be done outside or in the garage.
4. Preferred method of payment is by credit card NFC tap to pay (if possible). although checks and cash will be accepted if absolutely necessary.

Thank you for supporting Spartan Garage Doors during this tough time! Hopefully we all go through this pandemic period united together and in good health.

Spartan Garage Doors
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Pittsburgh PA 15220
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