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Garage Door Springs

Let’s talk about Garage springs! Most people don’t pay attention to them or hardly notice them at the top section of their garage door and don’t really know how important they are for the garage door function of raising and lowering the door. more important thing to know is how dangerous they can be when someone without the right knowledge tries to handle them. So if you’re having trouble with your garage door springs i strongly suggest to call a professional to get it fixed and whatever you decide to do, don’t try to fix it by yourself without acquiring the knowledge necessary to get it done safely. after more than 10 years in the business i know of some people who replaced their springs by themselves and few of them even did a good job, but it is not something i would recommend anyone without the right knowledge or a good health insurance premium. on this article i will try to introduce you to the torsion springs world so you can learn a little bit before deciding how you like to get your garage door springs repaired.

There are three different Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs:

The first type of garage door springs are torsion springs, which are mounted over the door opening and wind up and down as the door is opened or closed. When exposed to repeated use, the springs weaken, and if left unattended, they will eventually break and require replacement. Torsion springs was created in order to change the dangerous old style garage tension springs, by transferring the weight of the door to a vertical rod by a pulley and a cable, This type of spring is installed with unique hardware and bolts to a fixed plate at one end, while the entire spring is installed around a horizontal pipe. This load balancing device is normally installed directly over the header of the garage opening. Using cables, connectors and pulleys, the weight of the garage door is transferred into the torsion spring system. The newer torsion springs system is the newest type of springs existed the way that the spring energy is stored, With a torsion type of spring, the energy is imparted or removed by rotating the spring clockwise or counter clockwise depending upon the direction of usage, makes it more reliable than other methods.

Extension springs:

Extension springs are the kind that are on each side of the door and are stretched alongside the overhead track. With the older style extension spring, the energy is stored and released by pulling on the spring or returning the spring to its un-stretched condition. extension springs are easier to repair.  Regardless, the proper safety precautions must be observed.

Torquemaster system:

If you have a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster system (pictured below), the springs will be inside a tube. The only way to determine if one is broken is to lift the garage door manually. If the door is heavy (roughly 60lbs for a double car door), you most likely have a broken spring inside the TorqueMaster tube. Another way to tell if you have a broken spring in your Wayne Dalton Torquemaster tube is if the door goes up and won’t go back down. The Torquemaster system has a lock built into each side on a double car door that will activate when a spring breaks causing the door to lock in the up position. It is very simple to deactivate this lock and get your door closed. But, you can guarantee you have a broken spring inside the Torquemaster tube on the side where the lock activated. You will need the spring inside replaced or have it converted over to a standard torsion spring set up, which is what we recommend and a service we perform quite frequently. A standard torsion spring will last 3 times longer than the small spring inside the Torquemaster tube.

Hope you found this article informative and helps you with any problems you might have on changing your garage door springs out. feel free to drop us an email if you have trouble or feel free to give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you out. Thanks.


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